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The Sandbox: How we get things done, today

Negotiating • Focusing • Aligning • Executing • Mastering

For over 20 years we’ve been called to the board room when leaders need to translate bold initiatives into: day to day work • people engagement • bottom line results

We get the call when:

Landing the new client means scaling fast

New leaders need immediate skills to hit the ground running

Today’s global, virtual and generational  communication issues are causing people gridlock

Updated tech tools need employee engagement for scaling to work

Meeting expanded customer demands requires siloed top producers to ‘play nice in the sandbox’, and they aren’t


The challenge

Today, negotiating, aligning, and producing results for the bottom line requires more nimbleness and simultaneously more rigor.

People are distracted by constant technology upgrades • virtual communications • increasingly diverse cultural and global thinking

How to capture attention, much less align people to a common course to produce results seems daunting.


Success today requires mastery of


Productive Collaboration



The good news

1)Productive Collaboration can be learned

2)Developing the knack for it is possible

3) You are in the right place to explore and practice

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When being on the same page is mission critical

Bringing people to the table, to build alignment, is more complex than ever before

At the negotiation table • conference room • board room • break room

Good news: we are experts in leading collaboration

For over 20 years we’ve been called to the conference room when

Negotiation savvy is make or break • Alignment is mission critical


The Challenge

Today people expect to be more involved in every step of any path forward. Staying focused on results in the hubbub of gathering opinions can be tricky.

Success today requires a new leadership skill set:


Leading Collaboration


“Everything rises and falls on leadership.  It really does. If you don’t believe it, just put together a group of people without a leader, and watch them. Without a leader:

Vision is lost

Decisions are delayed

Agendas are multiplied

Conflicts are extended

Morale is low

Production is reduced

Success is difficult”

– John C Maxwell The 360 Leader


The Good News

1) Leading collaboration can be learned

2) Mastering the skill is possible

3) You are in the right place to explore • practice • master


Quick example (a client story):

In a recent engagement, the client had been recently acquired and on-boarded a new CEO. This reorganization had the task of aligning a southern decentralized culture with a northern centralized culture.   Leveraging cutting edge communications technologies and focusing on the leadership team’s communication and leadership skill sets proved the winning formula for engagement.  Towards the end of the project, we were delighted when an independent Gallup Organization Survey recorded off the charts results.

Employees reported the following:

94% said that the client was concerned about their safety health and welfare

75% said they had a friend at work

85% said they would recommend the client as a place to work to family and friends

These numbers were so remarkable, given the circumstances, that the President was asked to speak at a Human Resources Conference to reveal his ‘secrets’ for employee engagement.

business woman

When execution excellence is bottom line

Individuals have access to exponentially more information and vetting what is useful and what is noise can take some practice.

Taking that information and translating it into the right action to produce the right results is challenging, today.


 “The lesson: Clarity on how to think without clarity on how to act can leave people unmoved”

– Daniel Pink in his book: To sell is human: the surprising truth about moving others


Good news: we are the experts in leveraging collaboration


The Challenge

Today producing next level results requires more capacity to communicate:

1) Across vast cultural differences

2) In mediums where you can’t see or hear your counterparts

3) In more turbulence from miscommunication than ever before


Success today requires a new skill set:


Leveraging Collaboration


The Good News

1) There is a skill to leading  leveraging collaboration to produce measurable results

2) It can be learned

3) You are in the right place to master it here

For organizations our specialty:

Transforming co-workers into allies

Industries served:

  • Financial Services
  • Food/Beverage/Franchises
  • Hospitality/Travel
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Manufacturing/Quality/Safety
  • Sales/Marketing
We work with these organizations when team work is make or break.  For example when they have had:
  • A global expansion
  • A leadership change
  • A merger or acquisition
  • Revenue critical team members that can’t seem to ‘play nice in the sandbox’

For individuals our specialty:

Transforming individual contributors into leaders

We work with these individuals when the vision is bigger than anything they can deliver on their own.

For example when they have had:

  • A  job promotion that requires not only working with a new team, but leading
  • A bucket list project that has been green lighted and requires gathering a posse
  • Organizational course correction that means a new role or an exit to other paths
  • A re-org that now requires ‘playing nice in the sandbox’ with a colleague, that isn’t

What our clients want to do

  • Respond to a market opportunity with a top shelf offering with a relatively new team
  • Mobilize a blended and diverse workforce to quickly deliver a quality product to the market place
  • ‘Play nice in the sandbox’ without compromising values or standards to produce bottom line results

The problems our clients face

  • Projects grinding to a halt because co-workers are resisting communicating
  • Projects running off the rails because decisions are made without adequate input
  • Siloed competitive maneuvering
  • Counterparts using destructive negotiation tactics or unproductive conflict techniques

How our clients overcome and achieve, they:

  • Book a Sandbox Experience to discover it, personally
  • Partner with SCG to
    • leverage the Sandbox Experience to lead allies to measurable results
    • test the Sandbox Method and measure business results leveraging the approach
  • License the