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Managing M&A

Today’s market place requires savvy leaders and nimble cultures.

Taking top talent to the next level isn’t just a good idea it is necessary to survive in increasingly competitive, global and digital markets.  Today’s leader must do all this, while managing mergers, acquisitions and more frequent leadership course correction.

Clients call SCG when:

Top Talent Needs to

  • Craft a compelling, actionable vision (not state an end game result or platitude)
  • Deliver a clear directive to move the organization: through structured PR campaigns as well as spontaneous messaging
  • Learn and leverage best practices in hiring, firing and career mapping for their reports
  • Find their leadership style and navigate resistance in vision execution
  • Lead collaborative brainstorming on-sight as well as a productive offsite experience to build a nimble culture

The Culture Needs to

  • Produce top shelf offerings and integrate new technologies simultaneously
  • Plan for (or more likely respond to) the newest merger, acquisition or leadership change
  • Resolve a conflict between two mission critical leaders who are not ‘playing nice in the sandbox’
  • Create succession plans for ongoing bench strength and build a culture that attracts top talent
  • Take brainstorming into actionable next steps and accountability: on-sight and in a customizable productive offsite
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Designing a nimble culture

When speed to market depends on new technology integration and leveraging multiple generational communications we are the people experts to help you build alignment to the new path.  Our proprietary approach is built on cutting edge analytics and market application for over 20+ years.

Sandbox Consulting Group helps clients unlock people gridlock and propel initiatives toward profitability.

In a recent engagement, the client worked with us for close to 2 years and had been deep in a reorganization. We were delighted when an independent Gallup Organization Survey recorded off the charts engagement results.

Employees reported the following:

  • 94% said that the client was concerned about their safety health and welfare
  • 75% said they had a friend at work
  • 85% said they would recommend the client as a place to work to family and friends

These numbers were so remarkable, given the circumstances, that the President was asked to speak at a regional Human Resources Conference to reveal his ‘secrets’.

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Developing emerging talent

New talent is increasingly being called to a board room when conflict, misalignment and silent sabotage undercut profits and potential.  How they respond to this leadership challenge can be make or break in the market place.

Organizations that want to develop talent, reorganize and simultaneously grab market opportunities require nimble leadership and precise organizational alignment

Working with those companies is a world all to its own.

And, we have spent decades exploring best practices and secrets to bringing it during transition.

Working with companies who do it well, and those that didn’t, has created quite an effective playbook for best practices and pitfalls to avoid.  That playbook, helps our clients develop new leadership talent and mission critical alliances, quickly.

Our Specialty: Turning co-workers into allies for

  • Financial Services
  • Food/Beverage/Franchises
  • Hospitality/Travel
  • Manufacturing/Quality/Safety
  • Sales/Marketing
We work with these organizations when team work is make or break.  For example when:
  • They need to expand globally
  • They have underperforming areas
  • They have a leadership change
  • They have had a merger or acquisition
  • They are international expanding into the US

What our Clients want to do

  • Respond to a market opportunity with a top shelf offering with a relatively new team
  • Mobilize a blended and diverse workforce to quickly deliver quality
  • Build an effective processes for delivering a top quality offering in a competitive market place

The Problems our Clients face

  • Projects grinding to a halt because co-workers are resisting communicating
  • Projects running off the rails because decisions are made without adequate input
  • Siloed competitive maneuvering
  • Managers, sales people, leaders, aren’t strong in people reading or negotiation

How our clients overcome and achieve, they:

  • Use curated brainstorming to find a customized plan designed for their team and the company as a whole
  • Engage talent development and culture design best practices
  • Discover and develop a unique leadership approach that builds a legacy of success navigating change management and quality control
  • Leverage online tools, social learning, and on demand tips for negotiation, people management, leadership best practices and cutting edge analytics for people reading.