When interruptions never seem to stop!

And People Gridlock is in the way.

We are here to help!


At Sandbox Experience, we specialize in escape-to-think-clearly retreats, out-of-the-box meetings, and next-level gatherings, steps from the beach.

When you need uninterrupted time to think and want to transform your ‘meeting-as-usual’ into a culture-building incubator …

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate people work alongside you every step of the way – caring more and telling it like it is – to anticipate and overcome all the barriers to productive deep work, innovative brainstorming, or next-level gathering.

We have temporary private offices, creative meeting rooms, and unique event spaces.  We have a Certified Life@Work Design Strategist available to help you overcome all the obstacles that get in the way of getting things done and getting away.

Be the hero!

Book a Sandbox Experience that will stay with you for years to come!

Group Gatherings

Group Gatherings

Celebrating milestones is the secret to productive cultures. We can help you make it look easy!
Solo Retreats

Solo Retreats

Whether you have the name tag 'leader' or simply know it is time to 'step up and lead', having a project design strategist onsight for beachside brainstorming could be your secret sauce!
Multi-Gen Retreats

Multi-Gen Retreats

Today's retreat is multi-cultural & generational. We can help you design, navigate and delight!
What is it like to play in the Sandbox?
Sandbox Consulting Group
When challenges arise
and results are mission critical

Getting on the same page is pivotal to moving a project quickly, increasing productivity, and getting the job done in the face of people gridlock.

Our most popular Sandbox Experience is a beachside brainstorm with a Life@Work Design Strategist from Sandbox Consulting, LLC.

Having experienced coaching as you design a compelling call to action, build a network of productive allies, and achieve memorable results ensures your beach experience exceeds expectations! Using the best practices you learn at the beach, back at the office, sets you on the path to mastery when it comes to producing results with a diverse group of colleagues.

Project Mapping

Unlock your winning formula. Lead collaboration and produce results.

Out-of-the-box Meetings

Discover best practices and innovative approaches to inspire and align.

Next-Level Gatherings

Design well timed gatherings that build quality next steps and a nimble culture
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