Welcome. I'm Rachel Berg
Talent Development Coach & Culture Design Consultant

Imagine being able to lead meetings and brainstorming sessions that generate business results. Sandbox Consulting programs focus on leadership development to deliver bottom line impact.

Based on over 20 years of experience, Rachel Berg offers The Sandbox Method, the foundation for a unique family of professional development programs that improve the effectiveness of executive leadership teams and boards of directors.

Capable and collaborative coaches work alongside you every step of the way—caring and telling it like it is—to anticipate and overcome barriers to change.

When challenges arise and results are mission critical, having someone in your corner makes all the difference.

The Sandbox Method

The Sandbox Method is an interactive brainstorming experience that focuses on leadership development and proactive collaboration. Learn to listen, influence, and collaborate to overcome obstacles and identify opportunities during Sandbox labs and retreats.

Vision: Establish ambitious goals, bring your team on-board, and make your vision a reality.

Alignment;  Align your team from both productivity and engagement perspectives.

Execution; Make your vision a reality, achieve growth, change, and progress with the support of your team.

What is like to play in the Sandbox?
It's time to take your team to the Sandbox

Discover what’s holding your workflow back and find creative, real-world solutions. Our engaging brainstorming experiences go way beyond traditional training or the average offsite experience to actually activate next level leaders and next generation teams.


Three-Day Experiences

Reveal your winning formula, and inspire and align your team to achieve results

One-Day Workshops

Unlock your top talent, promote collaboration, and produce results