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Create ambitious goals, Bring your team on-board, Deliver next-level results

Sandbox Retreats are  intimate, hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work offsite weekend & programs designed to help Executives, Leaders and Visionaries get more meaning from their work and activate a culture that changes the game

In this program you will:
  • Learn active listening skills as well as how to leverage collaboration to overcome obstacles and identify opportunities.
  • Create a simple, repeatable framework to bring your team on-board.
  •  Experience virtual Team building activities that are a catalyst for a next level culture.
  • Craft a 90 day plan to create team alignment and accomplish ambitious goals.

Sandbox Retreats are the most compact program we could design to help get maximum results in minimal time.

Here’s how it works
No more meetings about working effectively, learn to master the art of productive collaboration

Our Sandbox Retreat goes way beyond traditional training or the average offsite experience to actually activate next level leadership and next generation teams. Learn how to listen, influence, and bring together a team  to overcome obstacles, identify opportunities and produce faster results.

What is like to play in the Sandbox?
90 days ago, I started a new sales position at the worlds leading software provider; hundreds of SKUs, thousands of exponentially large environment to navigate. Thankfully, I had Rachel and The Sandbox Experience for guidance. Rachel jumped right in and we began to process of "eating the elephant one bite at a time." Rather than hyperventilating, we committed to the 90 day process and I am thrilled to say I closed my first deal within the first quarter of employment. I could not have done it without her leadership.
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Ken Celecia

Cloud Platform Sales Executive at Oracle
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