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During our hands-on Labs you will master the art of proactive collaboration, learn to listen, influence, and bring your team together to overcome obstacles, identify opportunities and produce faster results.

Week 1

Learn people-reading strategies for smoother interactions with your colleagues or successful negotiations with vendors and customers.

  • Uncover your authentic and most effective communication style.
  • Learn communication tips useful with any style.
  • Learn to read and respond to your environment to help get things done right and quickly.
Week 2
Managing Conflict

You’re a Leader (or someone needs to step up soon and be one) and suddenly you are heading to the front of the room. Are you ready?

  • An appreciation of how your style of handling conflict affects people around you.
  • Learn now to ‘catch’ yourself when going down a destructive conflict path.
  • Learn how to reframe a conflict situation and choose more productive behaviors.
  • Build a Common language in an organization or group around appropriate conflict behavior.
week 3
Team work - The Power of We

Get everyone on the same page. Identify your winning formula, turn co-workers into allies and produce better results.

  • Understand your team’s collaboration style, advantages and drawbacks.
  • Master the art of negotiation with other styes to produce results.
  • Harness the “Power of We” to produce results and how to do your part.
What is it like to play in the Sandbox?
The Sandbox allowed me to pinpoint why I wasn't thriving at work. It gave me the courage and tools to pursue more fulfilling next steps. I frequently refer to my Sandbox materials and assessments for guidance. A great investment personally and professionally.
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Ally Christianson

Director of Heart Gallery of GA & Founder of 1312 Collective
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During our hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves 3 week program you will unlock your top talent and winning formula and learn how to align your team to make your vision a reality fast.