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During our hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves retreats Executives, Visionaries, and Leaders learn to master the art of productive collaboration to achieve next-level results in the marketplace.


Email and text are only words, but over 90% of communication is non-verbal. Limiting yourself to 10% of the communication tools available doesn’t work.

  • Learn to read the four distinct communication approaches.
  • Navigate and communicate using styles to produce results.
  • Bring effective communication skills into the boardroom, conference room, or break room.
  • Leave with a 90-day plan to leverage People-Reading to smooth communications and achieve your business goals.
Brainstorm to Breakthrough

Work face-to-face with a seasoned consultant who facilitates objective debates and open dialog. Sort through issues, focus on the facts, find compromises, and map out next steps. Leave with a renewed bond, and a 90-day plan.

  • Identify a common vision in the midst of constant change.
  • Map out ongoing structures and messaging to maintain alignment with your vision.
  • Produce next-level results, again and again.
  • Leverage brainstorming to achieve your business goals.
The Ultimate Goal
Speed to Market

When challenges arise and results are mission critical, key leaders move quickly to present a clear vision, make strong decisions, increase productivity, and deliver results fast.

  • Learn your team’s winning formula to hit the ground running.
  • Nimbly avoid dysfunction and apply effective behaviors to speed up delivery times.
  • Activate team culture to beat the odds, land the long shot, and produce next-level results.
  • Leverage team culture to achieve your business goals.
What is it like to play in the Sandbox?
Two weekends working with Sandbox Consulting Group in St. Simons Island delivered ah-ha moments, learning, and practical implementation plans. I created branding and content platforms, and business plans. One-on-one coaching with Rachel helped me overcome hurdles that were holding me back. From the "getting on Island time" treatment to the amazing accommodations to the great food, I highly recommend the Sandbox Consulting Group experiences!
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Carmen Ekdahl

Speaker, Leader and Coach
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