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The Escape Game

When we establish human connections within the context of shared experiences we create community wherever we go.”
Gina Greenlee

Part 1
A Virtual Escape Room Adventure

The 3 reasons to let Sandbox Consulting Group curate your experience:

  1. Experienced Escape the Room enthusiasts to manage logistics
  2. Team building consultants to observe the game so it goes from ‘just fun’ to becoming a building block for long term teamwork development.
  3. Seasoned facilitation of the group experience can unearth best practices and insights that can be applied to current business challenges.
Part 2
The Culture Catalyst™

3 reasons why The Catalyst™ Portal can help you ‘escape the room’ and relish that ‘drop the mic’ moment.

  1. With a quick assessment, from the Catalyst™ Portal, before the adventure, each player will uncover their ‘winning formula’ and ‘flex opportunities’ when collaborating.
  2. Having each team member’s assessment results, with their winning formula, can help collaboration go more smoothly, under the clock, during the game.
  3. The Catalyst™ was designed as an online, team-working, development tool.

Teamwork, done well, leads to success in the moment in the room. Teamwork debriefed after the game can help mine for ‘best practices’ for next time and back at work.

Part 3
The 90 Day Game

3 reasons to map out a 90 Day Plan to practice new team building skills.

  1. Identifying a business result, designed to be completed in 90 days, allows the Escape Room ‘ahas’ to be applied to teamwork skills that will be needed to achieve concrete results.
  2. Going from problem solving, in a two hour block during the game, makes a 90 day time frame seem much more ‘doable’.
  3. Investing in ‘experience based training’ can move teamwork skills development from an overhead item to a bottom line enhancement.
The Sandbox Experience: A Playlist of Reviews

The Escape Game

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The Culture Catalyst

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The 90 Day Game

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